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  • Typology

    Exhibition Design

  • Status

    Completed, 2018

  • Team

    Matteo Silverio, Erica Villa (SGVCE), Angela Bianco (Ca’ Foscari), Morena Faverin (Fondazione Ca’ Foscari)

The European Researchers’ Night is an open science event that makes science and the work of scientists familiar to audiences all over Europe.
For the 2018 European Researches’ Night the Ca’ Foscari University, the DVRI, in collaboration with Science Gallery Venice has presented Invisible, an interactive exhibition to show the state-of-the-art of its academic research.

What is hidden among the grains of sand on our beaches? Are websites safe where we enter credit card information? Which micro-organisms do we live with every day? Is it possible to admire art in the dark? What movements does hot air do? Would you like to move an object with the power of thought? The theme “INVISIBLE” brings to light aspects of research that do not reveal themselves to the senses but that are equally significant and have a strong impact on our lives, on society and on the planet. The activities presented investigate crucial aspects of Ca ‘Foscari’s Global Challenges - climate change, inter and multicultural relations, accessibility rights for the disabled, conservation of cultural heritage, complex systems - showing how the invisible becomes visible in the science, in art, literature and culture.