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  • Typology

    Research, Media art

  • Status

    Completed, 2019

  • Team

    Matteo Silverio
    glassmaker: Stefano Bullo, Vetrate Artistiche Murano

  • Publications

    New Glass Review, no. 41 (2020) published by The Corning Museum of glass, Corning NY

«Do not touch».

This is generally the warn it appears in front of glass objects displayed on shops. Once at home the warning remains in our heads because we fear to break it.

We even struggle to clean it whatever is a vase or a simple glass frame because glass means "fragile" especially if is from Murano; because if it falls it will break into thousands of pieces; because glass must be protected, admired and touched only in extraordinary cases.

However, glass is not so fragile as to "explode" in our hands.

The Touch me! Vase wants to upset this perception. Therefore, this glass art-piece can touch, manipulated, and customized by users thanks to its geometry. The shape of the vase can literally change every day, so users will become part of the creative process because.

This project is part of a wider research exploration that merges art, traditional Murano craft and cutting-edge digital technologies to develop new craft techniques.