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The TOUCH-ME collection has been selected for the Venice Glass Week 2020 Hub under 35!

From the 5th to 15th of September the vases will be showcased at Palazzo Loredan in Venice, official hub of the event and headquarters of The Istituto di Scenze, Lettere ed Arti of Venice.
The "Touch-me" collection is a research project aimed to demolish the mental barrier that denies the public any kind of interaction with glass objects. It does so in a radical way, allowing normal people to shape a glass object, touching it with his own hands without the danger of getting burned.

"Touch-me" vases MUST be touched!

In a certain sense it is a rebellious project because it makes the act of manipulating glass democratic, and no longer prerogative of the glass-makers' elite. Therefore, everyone can shape these vases, actively participating to the creative process.
For each vase, the glass has been cut, decorated, and combined by hand, obtaining a manipulable "fabric". Even more important, the glass comes from production waste, making the "Touch-me" series sustainable and an excellent example of circular economy.